Working Together,

Planning Together,

Communicating Together.

Ministry Space creates a space for you, your staff, and volunteer ministry team members so you can work together all on the same page.  Never again miss a beat!

Work better together with:


With direct messaging in Ministry Space, you can communicate faster with your staff and ministry teams, all at the same time clearing all the noise of staff emails and text messaging.


The church has never had a platform to bring all your communication and planning into one platform. Plan your events, add your own personal to-do's and tasks and get things done.


The great thing about ministry is getting our church family involved. Engage, communicate and involve your ministry teams better than before with Ministry Space.


Keep your teams organized, connected & excited!

Ministry Space is the only platform of its kind that brings powerful online tools to organize, communicate and plan.


Ministry Space messaging and chat features streamline your communication with staff and ministry teams. 


Ministry Space groups allow you to plan, communicate to ministry team volunteers, schedule, and get ministry done all in one easy-to-use platform.


Ministry Space boards are a great place to store ideas, plan out tasks and responsibilities, collaborate with your ministry teams leaders and develop creative ideas for your ministry teams.


You can't do ministry without your church family. Ministry Space members give your ministry teams volunteers a place to come assist you to do ministry better together.


Ministry Space badges are super cool. Send encouraging messages to a ministry team leader or your entire ministry team about the great job they are doing.


Finally, everyone's all on the same page.

Ministry Space finally brings staff communication, event planning, and ministry organization to the church. Nothing like this has ever been created for the church until now.

Your team has the tools to get things done with:


Ministry Space group calendars give you and your ministry teams the ability to see schedules, upcoming events, and tasks to get done.


Our tasks feature allows you to assign tasks or responsibilities to yourself our your ministry teams with peace of mind they are getting done.


Ministry Space reminds you of upcoming tasks, events, or responsibilities via the app, desktop, or email notifications.


See the
BIG picture.

Never before has one piece of church software be able to bring ministry all into one place. Now pastors, administrators, and staff can see the big picture of everything going on all in one platform.


Create your own workflows.

Ministry Space allows you the creativity to create your own space for you and your ministry teams. Other corporate software forces you into their way of doing things that do not work for the church.

Make it easier for your
team to see: 


Ministry Space is not just about planning, organization, and communication; you can also use it to schedule your ministry team for worship or other ministry events.


Ministry Space gives your ministry teams the ability to set their availability within their MinistrySpace account. They are no more trying to track them down via emails or texts messages.


Communicate directly with a ministry team leader or to the entire team at once, all in Ministry Space with direct messaging.


Ministry is enjoyable. 

We know from experience as a team here at Ministry Space that ministry is so rewarding and fulfilling. So we have created the church software for you, your staff, and ministry volunteer teams to enjoy doing ministry even more together.


This is a must have.

“This is the one must-have communication platform that bridges the gap for all ministry events that exceeds all of our expectations. Prior to its inception, we tried everything on the market but with limited results. This is the missing puzzle piece that makes ministry fruitful again!”

- Adrian Alonzo / Tech Pastor / CC Golden Springs


Communicate efficiently.

“Ministry Space has made a way for our entire church staff to be able to stay in communication efficiently.”

- Charlie / Office Manager / CC Tustin


Three platforms in one.

"Ministry Space is a key component of our church. It is three platforms in one that our staff and ministry teams use so we all can be on the same page at all times."

- Pastor Joe / Calvary Chapel Montclair


The best tool for ministry teams.

"With Ministry Space, my workflow is more efficient; communication with staff and ministry team volunteers is easier than ever before."

- Ruben / Worship Leader / Calvary Chapel Montclair


Desktop App
& Mobile Browser..

We have created convenient ways for your to-do ministry from anywhere you are at your church with our desktop app or on the go with your mobile browser. You can also use the Google Chrome browser.


Simple and Effortless.

Ministry Space is designed and built for the church, knowing not all your staff or ministry team volunteers are super tech-savvy. So rest assured everyone, no matter what their age, will be able to use MinstrySpace.

MinistrySpace allows churches to:


Ministry Space is the first of its kind platform that allows the church to have the online tools to be more streamlined and effective at doing ministry.


Ministry Space provides you, your staff, and ministry teams the ability to organize your tasks and accomplish all your ministry needs via one piece of software.

Be Effective

The days of using five or six different pieces of software are gone. Ministry Space can do that all in one, allowing you to work more effectively and do more ministry.